UZABAHO” means “You will live” 

which is the fundamental objective of

 Uzabaho Grace Mission

Uzabaho Grace Mission (UGM) is a National non- governmental organization that has been created to connect volunteers in Rwanda working on Agriculture, Nutrition, Advocacy, Social mobilization and Entrepreneurship.

Uzabaho Grace Mission’s foundation is inspired by missionary work. In February 2007, a group of missionaries had an idea of getting a host of tracts and then taking them across Africa. After a series of miraculous events and following the sort of sense or clues that God gives, the owner of a large printing company in South Africa decided to give his time, resources to print the total of 5,000,000 gospel tracts. A few large cargo companies agreed to help them transport the goods to 5 African countries.

Becky, Tanaka, Stephen, Teri, Amy, Grace, Scott, Miguel and a few other missionaries were responsible for the 1,000,000 that went to Rwanda. That’s where they met Venuste, founder of the UZABAHO Grace Misson (UGM) today and gave them to him. He then received the tracts entitled “ Don’t worry, you are in His hands!”, distributed them across Rwanda, Burundi and DRC for free and consequently created a large network, and the whole mission has been growing since.


 UGM is a National non-governmental organization with registration N0 350/RGB/NGO/2013, founded in 2013. It has been created to connect volunteers in Rwanda. Giving individuals a chance to share their personal experiences, Food fortification, Nutrition, education, Entrepreneurship and economical challenges.

The nature of the conflict in the Great Lakes region (Rwanda, Burundi, and DRC) has had a multi-layered traumatic effect on the population and more so, women. Women suffer the effects of war and genocide in an unusual way; besides rape, death, and lifelong injuries, many suffer and experience life as widows or vulnerable children, displacement from homes, separation from loved ones besides witnessing death and violence for prolonged periods of time. There are women living with HIV/AIDS and raising children born as a result of rape. Prisons are full of offenders and a greater number of households are headed by children whose parents are either dead or incarcerated. On the other hand, most victims are still living with their wounds and together with the offenders in the community as the war crimes go unpunished. The church leaders played a very big role in the perpetuation and implementation of the genocide in Rwanda.

UGM is a volunteer initiative for anyone who has the heart to help others. Through the broadcasting structure it is a chance for people of all walks of life to help participate in bringing support to countless people. For the last 8 years, UGM has been involved with sending Part-time volunteers to help assist and counsel those who have suffered armed and ethnic conflicts in Rwanda.

Since 2010, UGM focus working in four provinces and Kigali Capital City initiatives. Educating, investing in the income-generating activities, nutrition, and Counseling those who have been negatively affected by drugs, alcoholism, personal traumatic experiences, and abuse, UGM helps to inspire and motivates those who are lacking a vision and purpose for their lives.

We are member of SUN Alliance Rwanda that work on Nutrition and  also a member Sun Civil Society Network Worldwide.

Currently, we are working on Agriculture, nutrition, research, and teaching online during the Corona virus crisis in the country and region where movements in some areas in Rwanda are limited.

“It’s never easy for most widows of the Genocide. We live in a state of despair. So, when an NGO like Uzabaho Grace Mission gets concerned about our situation, we feel so humbled. It’s not about how much you give that matters, but the heart with which you do it,”